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All team members enter Training at Level One, as explorers ready to set off on their journey, to explore what Maries has to offer. You are in your probationary period or haven’t yet started a more committed journey with us. There is opportunity for growth and to discover more about Maries and yourself along the way. We want you to be successful in your career with us.


You have been with us for three months and successfully completed your probationary period.  It is time for you to set sail and take responsibility for upholding the Maries Pizza System as mapped out in our manuals.....and inspiring others to follow you on this journey.


The Maries Pizza Bible is a most important tool regarding the construction of a Maries pizza.

The recipes and tips within our training program represent experience gained from many years of trial and error. Many thousands of pizzas have been crafted and the insight gained through this process has led us to the unique Maries Pizza style which we now pass on to you!

Follow the guidelines exactly as specified in this program and you will achieve the results required to make a true Maries pizza.

The Pizza Bible is formatted to standardise the amount of topping used on pizzas and the order in which the toppings are applied.

Construct the pizzas with care and reduce waste by keeping the make bench clean and clear of ingredient spillage.

All cup measurements are level metric cups.

There is an art to creating a Maries Pizza. By following this training program and maintaining the standard you will be on your way to creating a true Maries Pizza experience thus building a reliable and loyal customer who will return again and again.